Who is K.Carter?

# N B X

K.Carter’s music career started when he met a poet named Ali Langston. Through Ali, he realized the power of using words and music to connect with people and share his experiences. From that point on, he knew that music was the art he wanted to pursue.

Through K.Carter’s music, he brings forward the message to be yourself with pride and without fear, regardless of the circumstances. Having grown up in west Dayton, he was familiar with environmental and social pressures to lead a certain lifestyle, but he always chose to be himself, a self-described “nerd” who went on to earn a degree in computer science. That’s how K.Carter’s NerdBoy Extraordinaire movement was born. Best known by the hashtag #NBX, the movement underlies his music, and encourages everyone, everywhere, to pursue their own happiness.

K. Carter takes pride in his unique and diverse audience, which includes listeners from all walks of life. In addition to having listeners across all races, religions, and age groups, he’s also bridging the gap between today’s hip hop and the old school hip hop that he grew up listening to.

When he’s not writing new songs or performing his music, he can be found performing improvised comedy as a cast member of Womit at the Black Box Theater in Dayton, Ohio. He’s also performed in New York City with the group, and teaches improv classes at the Dayton theater.

Today K.Carter is sharing his music with listeners around the world. You can follow him on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Snapchat, and you can find his music here, on iTunes, or on Spotify.